My “Best” Photos of 2016

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I figured i’d throw up a “Best Of…” post for 2016, very quickly. Ironically i haven’t even worked on many of my photos yet because this has been such a busy tumultuous year, moving to a new State, starting a new business, etc…. So, i haven’t even created posts yet for many of these photos. They were some exciting trips, so you should have somethign to look forward too as i string them out over the next few months. These are not in any particular order but exist merely as a group. In fact, i might change my mind later about some of the ones that aren’t here…. As i mentioned a few months ago, this is my new blog. Some of these photos originally appeared on my 10 year blog so if you are interested in more of my stuff please look over there for much more.  Enjoy!One of the first things i started doing when i got settled into Ivins was explore the Virgin River Gorge near Mesquite. It was spring and i knew that with the approaching summer it would soon be intolerable for me. I was lucky to pass by these Joshua Trees just before they dipped into the shade.

Another place i haven’t written about yet is Cathedral Gorge in Nevada. I was really impressed with this tiny park and i know i’ll be returning with more time.

In Kanarraville Canyon i got a lot of nice shots in a short period of time. It’s hard to choose but lately i’ve been liking this one because the lighting has an almost indoor feel to it.

Some photos are more impressive to the photographer than to others and this may be an example of that situation. On the way back from a long off trail hike i climbed out of a short gorge and, seeing this cabin in the distance, i knew i was almost home. My legs were sliced up. My stinging scabs felt their first solace in the cold air but my hands enjoyed the rocks still emanating heat from the long warm day. Something about the nature of the clouds and the scraggly shrubs in the foreground reminded me of an old world painting. “Coming Home” would be the name of this image.

Sometimes i still enjoy “abandoned” photography. This one of an abandoned pioneer home in Escalante turned out nicely. I was able to bring out characteristics of spookiness using only the available light while ignoring a long list of distractions happening around me.

I just posted these past two but i liked this one because of the texture of the snow on the Great White Throne. I was using my new Canon 5D4 and the detail in the shaded areas is a testament to it’s improved dynamic range.

A simple straight shot of a mountain sheep. I have many others with more ‘impressive’ compositions and more interesting colors but i like the museum diorama look this photo has.

I arrived at Fonts Point waaaay too late. But that’s ok because i like this one, well after sunset, better than any of my others.

Another Virgin River Gorge image. The temptation was to get the entire curve of the river, and i did so. But i ended up liking it hidden more. The gravel bars around the river made the foreground uninteresting. In this shot i love the primitive landscape forms and the huge block of tilted rock on the right. The gorge is being ripped apart tectonically as well as eroded by the river. That block is falling into the abyss.

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  1. Stellar landscape work Adam. Your Fonts Point image is amazing as is the Cathedral Gorge photo. Have a great 2017. I look forward to seeing what you capture throughout the year.

    • Adam Elliott

      Thanks Jim! I’m backed up 6 months on these posts so there’s plenty to churn out.

  2. Beautiful images of some amazing scenery, Adam! I’m most drawn to the one you got there way too late for: Fonts Point. I think the timing really worked out for you. I love the soft light. It’s perfect for showing off the great details and texture in the landscape, and the colors are just beautiful. My 2nd favorite is the Coming Home image for its story telling. Great work!

    • Adam Elliott

      Yeah Font’s point was funny because i’d been there earlier in the day and though “yeah this will look great at sunset” but then i got stuck at my friend’s birthday party and the clock kept ticking while people were trying to decide if they wanted to go back with me.” Thanks! I’ll be sure to check out your site.

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